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20 September 2014

Milan, Italy

Heddal Stave Church Holmenkollen Ski Jump Holmenkollen Restaurant Viking Ship Museum Famous Statues at Vigeland Park Vigeland Park Bridge Olso Opera Akershus Fortress Akershus Fortress Karl Johans is a main street in Oslo starting at the harbor leading to the palace.


Norway (Part One)

I have been traveling in Norway for almost a month and have seen a lot from the city of Oslo to the rural mountains of Telemark. I have visited distant cousins I never knew I had and Norwegian friends who studied abroad in my hometown in the U.S.A. years ago. Norway is a beautiful country and the Norwegians are great people. I highly recommend putting this on your traveling list. To make it helpful for you to research these places I’ve numbered the photos in order with a hyperlink leading you to the website of each place. Enjoy!! 

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Part one: 

1. Heddal Stave church

2. Holmenkollen Ski Jump

3. Holmenkollen Restaurant

4. Viking Ship Museum

5. Vigeland Park

6. Vigeland Park

7. Olso Opera

8. Akershus Fortress

9. Akershus Fortress

10.Karl Johans





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Cara Delevingne



Eggplant, Prosciutto, & Pesto Pressed Picnic Sandwiches

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Seattle, WA

Children are probably the best subjects. 

Such innocence/imagination help feed the environment.

On a windy day, these kids were amazed on what a kite could do.

(favorite shot so far)-more to come

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My first attempt at double exposure.

35mm Black & White Film

Venice Beach, March 2014


can we just bask in the glory of beatles sass

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Boulder City Car Wash

35mm Black & White Film



Self Portrait

35mm Black & White Film

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